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Creator of quality and thinker of fresh ideas

Charprod team is your partner. What we aim is a video production, and post production process that would make a good and enjoyable learning experience, the result of which would answer what you’re looking for: a great video to promote your company, recruit new members, raise money, or motivate your staff.

We create Corporate Film

for you and your company.

Charprod is a burgeoning production team based in Jakarta, Indonesia, focusing on corporate films and all of its sub-genres.
We have numerous experience in full-service video productions. And when we say full service, we mean it. We do it all, from developing ideas to creating a corporate film, we hope you’d be proud enough to brag home about it.

Charprod mission is to create corporate film that engages the viewer both emotionally and intellectually, through expertly shot and edited productions which tell a story and are filled with ideas.